Wifi Password Hacker PRANK

A joke app to make it seem like your WiFi network password has been compromised

  • Category General
  • License Free
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.wifi.password.hacker.simulated
  • Author Fun Apps For Free

This fun Wifi Password Hacker Prank app for Android lets you trick your friends into thinking you’re hacking all the networks around you with a couple swipes!

The slick professional GUI mirrors professional network intrusion tools, so anyone that sees it won’t know that it’s just a prank. All you have to do is go somewhere where there are wireless access points and start scanning like you would with a wi-fi cracker. It’s probably smart to wait for the loading screen to finish before you let anyone see the app, though!

Once the app finds some networks, you can tap on them and “crack” them. Whatever network you click on will look like it’s connected, and it’ll even show interesting screens describing the whole hacking process and network analytics. Once the app is “connected” it’ll show a password (but it won’t be the real password!)

It’s important to note that this is just a toy, not a real hacking tool. You can’t “hack the Gibson” or get into any actual wi-fi networks! Don’t depend on it to test your network security.

This Wifi Password Hacker Prank game is a lot of fun and might fool your friends for a short while!


  • Easy to Use Interface You don’t have to be a pro to look like a pro! Start the app, scan for networks, and then “hack” your way through them with a few swipes.
  • Slick Design Works Just Like a Real The app is designed to work just like real wi-fi crackers, that’s what makes the Wifi Password Hacker Prank work so well!


  • Not a Real Hacking Tool It just needs to be said one final time – this isn’t a real hacking tool. It’s just a toy, so have fun with it!